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T for Taj Mahal – Godspeed

Climb Media’s 6 time National award winning director Kireet Khurana of Toonpur ka superhero is ready with his next real life drama feature film ‘T for Taj Mahal’. T for Taj Mahal is a film which revolves around the story of a village in UP where all people are illiterate. The Film is produced by Abis Rizvi Films with a significant part of the post-production work executed at Climb Media which is one of the Best Production House In Mumbai. The film is ready to enter into various International film festivals. The director, Producers and the core team of the film are very optimistic about the film and firmly believe that the film will go places.

Speaking about the core team of T for Taj Mahal, the film would not had been able to set the qualitative benchmark which it has without the wholehearted support and efforts of our producer Late Mr. Abis Rizvi, a truly passionate, multi-faceted, visionary producer who understood the creative nuances of film making. His guidance and mentorship has given an incredible destiny to the film and decorated it. Astute and visionary founder of Abis Rizvi Films; he was also the CEO of India’s largest reality conglomerates “Rizvi Group”. Unfortunately, his life was cut short unexpectedly as he was killed in a terror attack in Istanbul on New Years Eve of 2017.

Our cinematographer Michal Sosna was nominated for the Oscars in 2016 for his short film ‘Dogcatchers’. He is an accomplished Polish cinematographer who has executed many successful and best feature films and best ad films. The editor, a 4 time National award winner FTII graduate, Sankalp Meshram is a filmmaker and editor of international repute. Also known fondly as ‘Award Kumar’ due to his penchant for winning International and National awards. And of course one of the most promising upcoming music composers, award winning Advait has a fantastic prolific portfolio of ads for leading brands, shorts films, TV and feature films in his kitty. Ashish Aryan who gave story for T for Taj Mahal has the distinction of being part of the prestigious NFDC Screenwriter’s lab for Toronto film festival and was mentored by academy awarded filmmaker Cedomir Kolar (No man’s Land) and others.

Climb Media has always been known for its exceptionally talented team and hence is considered to be among the Best Production House for Advertisements in Mumbai, and also among an established Production House for Feature Films in Mumbai.