About us

In 1970 BHIMSAIN’s short film ‘THE CLIMB’ won the Silver Hugo Award in Chicago. CLIMB FILMS established in 1971.

Some define ‘Climb’ as ascending the stairs. Others as going up a steep gradient. The more ambitious would see it as scaling a mountain.

But our ‘Climb’ transcends these analogies. For us, ‘Climb’ is indefinable. Simply because Climb is defining… through its work and consistency. How else does one win an unprecedented 22 National awards (yes, you read it right!), if not because our Defining works?

CLIMB MEDIA (Est.’s 1971, known as ‘Climb Films’ in its previous avatar) is genre and form agnostic. Be it ad films, feature films, Public Service Films, documentaries or animation films, we handle them with equal panache, alacrity and finesse. Not many Indian Production Houses can claim to do so, can they?